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Coordinated Street Outreach

Street outreach allows our staff to engage with individuals and families who are experiencing street homelessness who may be disconnected from mainstream services and much needed shelter. Building rapport is essential and can create opportunities for individuals and families to be connected to the necessary services and supports that will help them move off the streets into permanent and stable housing. 

Outreach cannot happen alone, it is a community effort. The Housing Action Coalition developed and implemented a task force in the summer of 2020 to meet the needs of those living on the streets of Waukesha. Homeless Engagement And Response Team, also known as HEART, has several homeless service providers, advocates, police, city officials and members of the County, coming together to identify the gaps and needs, reduce barriers to services and helping people overcome system complexities. 

Community Partnership

Making a Difference Together

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Basic Need Items & Support

Doing What’s Needed

Community Involvement

Lending A Hand


The Value of Outreach

Doing What’s Needed

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