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Emergency Financial Assistance

Community Action Coalition

The Coalition has limited funds and cash grants available to help those who need financial assistance due to a housing crisis, such as facing an eviction. 

Also, the Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF) program provides case management and temporary financial assiatance to low-income veterans (single individuals and those with families) to help them maintain stable housing.

Contact 262-354-4017


Energy Services For Waukesha County

The program offers utility and energy payment assistance as part of State of Wisconsin's Energy Assistance Program. This includes heating oil during the winter, emergency furnace repair, cash assistance for regular utility bills, space heaters, warm blankets, and more. Contact 262-549-9666


Rescare of Waukesha County

Funds for rent, security deposits, and energy bills may be provided by the Emergency Assistance Grant (EA). Anything that can lead to homelessness, even including unpaid water bills, can be paid, in addition to rent. It is combined with support services. Contact 1-855-458-0001


Saint Vincent de Paul

Programs can include financial assistance for rent, heating bills, health care and more. Contact 262-547-3281


Salvation Army

This Salvation Army offers cash grants and prescription vouchers as well as assistance with utility payments to avoid the disconnection of services. Funds to help pay rent are also available. Contact 262-547-7367


Workforce Development

Families facing homelessness due to fire, flood, natural disaster or other financial reasons outside their control may be eligible for an Emergency Assistance Grant.

Financial and non-financial eligibility criteria need to be met.
Refugee Cash Assistance and Refugee Medicaid: A cash assistance program and medical assistance program to eligible refugees.
 W-2: Provides income eligible families employment assistance through community service jobs and other work-readiness activities. Work experience positions have monthly payments based on participation. Contact 262-695-7800



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