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Getting Help

Being Assessed

The Waukesha County Continuum of Care utilizes a Barriers Assessment.  The assessment is comprised of a series of questions that program participants answer regarding their current issues that contribute to their vulnerability. After the assessment is complete, the participant is placed on a prioritization list. The list is used to determine if the participant is eligible for placement in a transitional living, permanent housing or rapid re-housing unit. The assessment allows the assessor to gauge other services that can be offered immediately to to assist in eliminating barriers to stable housing. 

Known as Coordinated Entry (CE) ,  this process helps ensure that the appropriate services are being offered.  Call 262 888 5069 for direct access to CE. 

Types of Assistance

If you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness or housing vulnerability issues, please contact the Housing Action Coalition of Waukesha County, Inc. The Coalition will link participants to shelter and/or financial assistance programs that will put them on the path towards self-sufficiency.


The programs offer emergency shelter, rapid re-housing, transitional living, rental and or security deposit, health services, nutritional assistance, transportation vouchers, free cellular phones, utility bill payments, and much more. There are a number of agencies that Waukesha residents can visit or call to have their needs and eligibility immediately assessed to receive assistance.


Finding Assistance


In accordance with No Wrong Door policies, all member agencies of the Coalition are prepared to assist potential participants by finding the appropriate services to fit their needs or connecting with a provider who can. Service provider information is listed in the table below.

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